You’re the Achilles Heel of mine, my Death Star weakness. My own Brokeback Mountain. You are a huge portion of that void I was attempting to seal again in Calgary. What together with your good Scandinavian lines, your frugal-meets-practical fashionability, and of course, your come hither As Is section. You are simple to give in to.

You made sense. In a time wasting, material accumulating way type.

I thought I was over you, and far from your icy tight Allen wrench grip when I escaped the cubicle of mine. But no, you’d other plans. They state that payback is a recipe best served cool. I didn’t realize it also meant served in a wasteland Gulf city-state also.

IKEA Dubai, you have me.

The fact is, I was the person which came skulking to you. Sadly, Oman doesn’t get an IKEA. Surprisingly, Saudi Arabia has 3 of them (but no females in the Saudi edition of the IKEA catalogue.) Since many other 50 % and I’d a four bedroom apartment to seal, so we did not really wish furniture that seemed like this

avant-garde furniture, , Muscat, Muscat Grand Mall Oman

or perhaps this

Used Furniture Muscat Oman

there was very little alternative. So it was off to IKEA in Dubai’s Festival City we went. Wishing for a much better, much more unusual dalliance with my former weakness.entrance to IKEA Dubai, looking in Dubai, UAE

The IKEA Dubai Shopping Experience
Basically any IKEA may be the exact same. Unpronounceable product names and crowds as maddening because the format that corrals you throughout the screen area upstairs before you are able to make the way of yours to the factory below. This one is not a at Dubai IKEA, looking in Dubai, UAEOkay as perhaps this one is a bit of different. I do not experience several dudes this way stocking up on BJRNLOKA throws back home.Arabic male searching for floor coverings, Dubai IKEA, looking in Dubai, UAEOr ladies this way debating the merits of a GRUNDTAL over the door hook.Muslim females searching for bathroom products, Dubai IKEA, shopping in Dubai, UAEBut the foods are basically the shopping at Dubai IKEA, shopping in Dubai, UAEAnd the cafeteria at IKEA Dubai is essentially the same. (Except at this one, 3 Emirati males kicked the living daylights from a pregnant Canadian female. Her crime? Sitting at the dining room table of theirs. Read the complete story here.)Ikea Cafeteria, Dubai IKEA, looking in Dubai, ikea UAEAnd the indicators are basically the same.return policy, Dubai IKEA, shopping in Dubai, UAEAlthough often we’d no clue what was for sale, and even just how much it sign at Dubai IKEA, shopping in Dubai, UAEIt was basically the same classic IKEA experience.Dubai IKEA warehouse, shopping in Dubai, UAEWarehouse outlet shopping, Dubai IKEA, UAE

Including my beloved As Is section.Bargain corner, As-Is, scratch and dent section, Dubai IKEA, UAECheckouts, Dubai IKEA, looking in Dubai, UAECheckout and also comes back, Dubai IKEA, shopping in Dubai, UAEBut the everything sameness found a stop at the snack food stand. In the type of Chicken shawarma. Chicken shawarma? At IKEA???Food menu, Dubai IKEA, looking in Dubai, UAESurely the hot dog (my next favourite thing at IKEA), would retrieve that sensation of familiarity.Arabic great dog with drink sign, Dubai IKEA, shopping in Dubai, UAE

It was just after I purchased it did I notice the tiny print which read Arabic? in this particular situation, it meant chicken.chicken hot dog, Dubai IKEA, looking in Dubai, UAEAnimals. Do not they understand what is in a warm dog?shopping carts Dubai IKEA, looking in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nevertheless, we managed to walk away with over in cheaply produced, practical furnishings? including lamps, a kitchen table and chairs, a table, along with a closet. And unfortunately, the sour flavor of chicken dog.